Energy Based Bodywork


Surrounding and penetrating the physical structure is a subtle but very tangible energy field, which vitalizes and sustains the physical body. The life energy flows freely in a state of health. However, tension and stress often cause energy blocks, which create imbalance within the energetic structure. Disruption in the flow of energy often results in pain or illness within the physical body.

Various techniques, unique to each type of bodywork, are used to release energy blocks and deep-seated tensions, thus enabling a balanced flow of energy throughout the entire body, bringing relief and improving vitality. These techniques include the following:

Esoteric Healing

According to Esoteric Healing practitioners, "Energy follows thought," and negative, disharmonious thoughts or emotions can lead to disease. During an Esoteric Healing session, the practitioner attempts to detect, assess, and treat areas of disharmony in the patient, and stimulate energy fields that underlie and support the physical body. Patients remain fully clothed during treatment. A session includes silent, off-the-body energy work and the sharing of information.

Polarity Therapy

Polarity Therapy practitioners assert that an open and balanced flow of energy in the body/mind is the underlying foundation of health. Practitioners use light touch, gentle rocking, and passive joint movement during the session to increase the energy flow and break up congested areas in the energy field. Polarity Therapy treatments can be administered independently or in conjunction with massage therapy.


Reiki (pronounced ray-kee) is an ancient Japanese healing system in which the trained Reiki practitioner channels ki (Chinese qi or American chi) or "universal life energy" to the recipient, thereby facilitating the body's natural healing process. Patients remain fully clothed during treatment.

Therapeutic Touch

Therapeutic Touch is a modern interpretation of various ancient healing traditions. A Therapeutic Touch practitioner uses his/her hands to facilitate healing by releasing and balancing the patient's energy flow. Common benefits of Therapeutic Touch include deep relaxation, decreased anxiety, pain reduction, increased immune function, and alleviation of stress-related illnesses.

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