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Each month CAWL magazine holds a recipe contest and the winner receives a Creative Wellness gift certificate for a one hour massage. Enter your tasty creations at this link for a chance to win!

Creative Wellness – Where health and happiness go hand in hand By Chris Reay, Co-Director of Creative Wellness

Creative Wellness’s business profile as a featured local women-owned business.

Greater Lansing Business Monthly Articles

Centers Lead Wellness Path, April 2012

In Greater Lansing, two highly specialized organizations offer a range of options that can put employees on the road to wellness. Both Creative Wellness and Wycoff Wellness provide a blend of services, therapies and treatments that complement and provide alternatives to traditional medicine. Their services are designed to be easy to align with existing wellness programs.

A New Look at Offsite Company Retreats By Chris Reay, Co-Director of Creative Wellness

Make your next company retreat something unique and lasting. Help your employees learn new wellness practices that they can bring back to the office and use to increase their effectiveness at work.

Workforce Wellness Programs on the Rise By Chris Reay, Co-Director of Creative Wellness

It is natural to protect and preserve those things that are important and valuable in our lives. But it may not always be top priority to preserve ourselves or those around us.

Global Trends in Complementary and Well-Being Healthcare  By Chris Reay, Co-Director of Creative Wellness

The upcoming changes to the United States healthcare system and the global rise of healthcare costs have contributed to an increased awareness and use of complementary, or alternative, healthcare. More and more patients are working with their family doctor and additional sources of health management to create a total health and well-being plan.

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